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Meerabai krishna bhajans - Mere Tho

Mirabai krishna bhajans
: aadi
Composer: Mirabai ( MeeraBai )
Language: Hindi
Type : Saint mirabai Devotional Songs


  • Mere Tho giridhara Gopala : Download

  • .:: LYRICS ::.

    Mere tho giridhara gopala dusaro na koyiii.... (4)

    Jakeshira mora mukuTa .....(2)
    meropati soyi ..prabhu ............ [ Jakeshira]
    Shanka chakra gada padma kandamala soyi (2) ...... [Mere tho]
    Tata mata prata banddhu aapano na koyiii.... (3)
    Chanda dayi kulaki kani kyakaraika koyi............. [Mere tho]

    Asuvana jala sincha sincha..... (2) prema peli poyi
    asuvana jala sincha sincha prabhuga suvana jala sincha (3)
    dasi..Mira prabhu lagana lagi... honi hosa hoyi (2) ............[Mere tho]

    Meaning :
    : (source: karnaatik )
    My Lord is Giridhar Gopal and none else. He wears the crown decorated with the feathers of a peacock. The conch, the discus, the mace and the lotus flower all suit Him. Now I do not have any relations like father, mother and brother. I am not bothered about what people talk about me while I sit in the company of saints and monks. I am nurturing the Creeper of Love by the waters of my tears. Now Meera is immersed in God, so let whatever might happen.

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