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Cast : NTR, Kanchana, Shoban babu, Kanta Rao
Direction : V Madhusudan
: KV Mahadevan
Year : 1965


  • Adigo Navalokam : Download ( Hit Track)
  • Challani Swamivi neevaite : Download
  • Kalla kapatam : Download
  • RambhA Urvasi taladanne: Download
  • Chuchi valachi : Download
  • Arjuna Kurukshetram : Download
  • Draupadi Avesham Padyam: Download
  • Duryodhana Krishna Rayabharam-1Padyam : Download
  • Duryodhana Krishna Rayabharam-2 Padyam : Download
  • Krishna Rayabharam-1Padyam : Download
  • Padyam Krishna Rayabharam-2 Padyam: Download

  • All Songs In Single File : Download (Last 6 files not included)

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