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Dr Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna " Tatvalu "

Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna

"Tatvalu "

  • Ninnu Vidisi Yundalenayya : Download
  • Yemi Sethura Linga : Download
  • Vastha Vattide : Download
  • Goodu Chinaboyera : Download
  • Anti Antaka : Download
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    1. Anonymous Says:

      Even at eighty his voice is very soothing and pleasent

    2. Anonymous Says:

      balamuralis voice is ultimate like india. it is so melodious which is lifting us to the dizzy heights of ecstacy, elevating us to the etherial heights of enravishment and making us forget about the terrestrial environments and temporal pleasures. superb and graceful and blissful.
      P.M.K. GANDHI
      Anchor - Hyderabad

    3. Venkat Says:

      Hi, I am looking for a Shiva Mangalam shruti...It goes like" Om Mangalam Omkara Mangalam, Om Namaha Shivaya Guruve Mangalam...:

    4. Anonymous Says:

      xcellent collection dude....i really liked the collection in here...!!!

      keep up the good work

    5. Anonymous Says:

      Superb Dude He Is The Rela Man Dude He Is Great Singer

    6. Anonymous Says:

      good one, my parents listen to every week now i can play it from my computer

    7. pavani Says:

      these r such a gr8 tatvas.i like ur collection.thank u

    8. pavani Says:

      these r such a gr8 tatvas.i like ur collection.thank u

    9. manikantan Says:

      reddy sir verry happy listening this songs

    10. Anonymous Says:

      Thanks, I was searching for these from many days.

    11. Anonymous Says:

      Thanks a ton :-)

    12. మురళి కృష్ణ Says:

      Thanks a lot for uploading.

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